Some websites that I think are important for understanding Éire and Northern Ireland, including a few people with interesting perspectives. Also included here are a list of some of my favorite books on Irish history.

The Irish Times

The Independent

Belfast Telegraph

Irish News 

Ed Moloney – The Broken Elbow

Anthony McIntyre – The Pensive Quill

Democratic Unionist Party

Sinn Féin

Fianna Fáil

Fine Gael

Green Party


National Women’s Council of Ireland

Writing the Troubles


Benedict Anderson – Imagined Communities (Not about Ireland per se; this is “the” book on nationalism)

Paul Bew – Ireland: The Politics of Enmity 1789-2006

Paul Bew – Enigma: A New Life of Charles Stewart Parnell

Eamon Collins – Killing Rage

James S. Donnelly, Jr. – The Great Irish Potato Famine

Richard English – Armed Struggle: A History of the IRA

Dean Godson – Himself Alone: David Trimble and the Ordeal of Unionism 

Peter Hart – The IRA and Its Enemies

Peter Hart – The IRA at War: 1916-1923

Peter Hart – Mick: The Real Michael Collins

Seamus Heaney – North

Emmet Larkin – The Pastoral Role of the Roman Catholic Church in Pre-Famine Ireland

Emmet Larkin – The Consolidation of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland 1860-1870

Ed Moloney – A Secret History of the IRA

Jody Moylan – Daniel O’Connell: A Graphic Life

Charles Townshend – The Republic

Charles Townshend – Easter 1916