If you’re one of my regular readers, a quick update:

Since November 2019:

1. I’ve herniated two disks in my neck, spent weeks in pain on my couch taking muscle relaxers, and then landed in physical therapy 2-3 times per week. That’s on-going.

2. My never-ending knee injury reared its ugly head again. Thus, I have had 4 more giant needles shoved into my left knee. The last of these was a long-acting cortisone shot that cost me $850. It had damned well better be worth that amount of money.

3. I hit my head two weeks ago. This boo-boo caused a serious concussion that also landed me on my ass for a week. Sitting in the dark listening to podcasts and trying to sleep as much as possible. My brain is recovering. [Yeah, yeah, yeah, insert the obvious jokes here.]

4. I started a new job. Eaters gotta eat.


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