In an apparent abdication of her connection with reason, Queen Elizabeth II invited Donald Trump for a state visit to the UK, which is supposed to happen starting Monday. Leave it to the Orange Sphincter (thanks, Bill Maher) to manage to arse this up just days before arriving, by calling Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, “nasty,” when he was informed of remarks she made a few years ago that expressed distaste for the then-candidate Trump. Most of the rest of humanity will now consider that the Duchess has fine character and good judgement. I already thought so, as she is a Northwestern alumna.

In response, the Queen should certainly cancel the state visit and chastise the president for his utter lack of decency.

In addition, Leo Varadkar should refuse to meet Trump when he is in Ireland visiting one of his own golf courses. This rejection has nothing to do with what Trump said about the Duchess. Instead, there are other issues here:

  1. If Trump had been president in 1847, he would have reviled the Famine immigrants and tried to keep the starving people from a “shithole country” out of the United States.
  2. By publicly visiting one of his own golf courses in Ireland, he is bringing it publicity from which he stands to profit, and is thus violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.
    1. (By the way, that’s an impeachable offense. Speaker Pelosi: Take note.)
  3. The people of Ireland think Trump is an ignoramus, who undoubtedly has no idea that the Irish prime minister is called Taoiseach, and definitely cannot pronounce the word at any rate. Guaranteed he doesn’t know that Ireland is a dual-language country, and will make some idiotic remark about the signage in the country. (Okay, the second part would be funny and just confirm that he’s a moron.)

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